She is “savage” and she is making everyone at the Jersey Shore proud as she continues her adventure looking to become the next American Ninja Warrior champion. The NBC hit series is on once again this summer and a local girl wants to go all the way!

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A local Ocean County Teen is competing for the American Ninja Warrior title. Lacey Township sophomore Ava Colasanti is competing in Season 13 of American Ninja Warrior, which is airing on NBC. What a fantastic thrill for this Lacey Lion to be competing on a national platform like American Ninja Warrior.

We will all want to tune in to cheer Ava on, on Monday, July 12th when Ava will be on NBC. How exciting for us all to be able to watch Ava and see how she does against some of the best athletes in America.

Kim Meade Colisanti


In addition to competing on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior, Ava is also helping in the community. Recently Ava held a fundraiser for a local boy who is battling a horrible disease. Ava raised money to help a former Lacey Township student Tyler Keats, Tyler suffers from a genetic disorder “Leukodystrophy”. It’s a progressive disease where there is a destruction to the white matter in the brain. Tyler has difficulty walking and gets around mostly in a wheelchair, but can walk a little with assistance of a walker. Tyler also has been experiencing trouble with his eyesight as well. Ava helped Tyler through the sale of her “savage” t-shirts ….. well done!



Kim Meade Colasanti

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