There's something about boardwalk food here in the Garden State that just can't be beat.

Sure, New Jersey is known for having some of the best food you'll find literally anywhere, but there's something about grabbing a bite to eat on the boards that nothing else can compare to. Mind you, that includes dessert.

The best boardwalk dessert (besides funnel cake)? Ice cream, of course.

Getting ice cream on the boardwalk is a staple here at any South Jersey beach town. Something that used to set Jersey's boardwalks apart were the HUGE waffles and ice cream that people would order. Someone recently posted to a Wildwood-based Facebook page inquiring about where one could still get one of the waffles and ice cream that had the Neapolitan square in the middle.

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I've seen waffles and ice cream on the various boardwalks here in South Jersey that serve them with a scoop or two of ice cream in the middle, but I do remember my mom talking about the squares of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry that used to be placed in the middle of every single one. It's definitely hard to find them made like that these days.

While, there is apparently still ONE place on Wildwood's boardwalk that makes waffles and ice cream like that (it's somewhere next to Splash Zone), there's a specific place you need to go. The comments are filled with people claiming that if you want the best the Wildwoods has to offer, you need to get yourself to Hassles Ice Cream in North Wildwood.

Judging by that picture, it's not hard to see why!

Who knows, though, why waffles and ice cream aren't as popular on the boards as they once were. Maybe, it's because people are always in such a hurry these days that they prefer ice cream they can walk with? Who knows.

Still, if you've got a sudden hankering for some waffles and ice cream, at least you know of one place you're sure to enjoy.

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