No clue what's going on up the parkway, but there have been more than one residence that's combusted over the last few months.

A home in West Milford, Passaic County, exploded in September. People have been speculating that one was due to propane. Now, we've learned of another house that exploded on Halloween morning in Ocean County. This time, it happened in Stafford Township.

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According to published reports, we know that the explosion occurred a bit after midnight on Tuesday, October 31st at 253 Neptune Drive. Upon arriving on the scene, first responders found the home already burning.

When responders started searching the house for potential survivors, they did find one person with burns that needed immediate attention, so he was transferred to the hospital ASAP. They didn't find anybody else.

Video surfaced of the house on X (formerly known as Twitter) that shows the house basically reduced to rubble. The roof is blown out, the windows are destroyed, the front door was obviously flung wide open, and the railing on the front porch has been completely wrecked. Even the mailbox looks like it sustained some damage.

As for what caused the explosion, nobody knows exactly what happened yet. The investigation is still ongoing. Obviously, more and more information will be discovered with each passing hour.

Everything we know about the explosion so far can be found HERE.


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