Thanksgiving's over, Christmas is coming, and our diets are about to suffer even more than they already have this holiday season.

The Cheesecake Factory is partnering with the app Door Dash to offer 40,000 free slices of their delicious cheesecake on Wednesday, December 5th.

6ABC reports that in celebration of The Cheesecake Factory's 40th anniversary, the restaurant is giving away 40,000 pieces of cheesecake for free. There's a catch, though. You can't just walk into the store and purchase a piece at the counter. You have to download the food delivery app Door Dash and insert the code 'FREESLICE' at checkout in order to score a slice.

To sweeten the deal (pardon the punny idiom), Door Dash will be offering FREE delivery on Cheesecake Factory orders this week. For more details, click HERE!

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