If your sweet tooth was active on Wednesday in Hamilton Township, there's a good chance you were met with an ice cream scooper you didn't expect.

Mays Landing residents were greeted by an interesting crowd at Custard Castle on the Black Horse Pike in Hamilton Township Wednesday. Custard Castle was playing host to the Hamilton Township Police Department's 'Custard With A Cop' event. By the looks of the pictures, it looks like everyone who came out for a cone had a really great time.

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The department shared a bunch of pictures from the event to their community Facebook page that show various officers scooping and serving up dessert, playing with kids in the grass, and just hanging out with all the people showing up for a cool and sweet escape from the South Jersey summer heat. If you stepped outside on Wednesday at all, then you know what perfect of a day it was to do it - it was HOT!

Patrons didn't just walk away with ice cream from the officers. They were even treated to some Hamilton Township Police Department swag! Custard Castle even made sure the ice cream was free for the event.

Custard Castle on the Black Horse Pike has been a Hamilton Township staple ever since 1972. The local ice cream shop has remained in the Policarpo family ever since. Rocco & Luddie Policarpo were responsible for the window's first slide, and the castle would eventually be taken over by their son Rocco and his wife, Dianne.

Take a look at the pictures posted by the Hamilton Township Police Department of all the fun. Even doggos got to have a treat!

Source: Facebook

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