Spam calls plague us all. Our phones light up making us think we are about to have a lovely chat with family and friends, but instead we are greeted to someone telling us we need new health insurance or that the IRS is about to put us in jail. Every time I get one of these calls I think of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry gets a telemarketer call. He tells the caller he isn't available to talk and asks the caller to give him their number so he can call them back when they are home. It ends with Jerry saying, "Oh, I guess you don't want people call you at home...Well, now you know how I feel." Epic.

I've received calls that, when they come up on the caller ID, shows they are calling from all different countries. I've had calls from Russia quite a few times. If you look at the number closely, it appears to be a local call, but with an extra digit thrown in the end. That extra digital confuses your phone, making it think it has a country code. It's a safe bet to make saying the caller isn't really in Russia.

This morning I received a very concerning call. This call was from North Korea.

TSM Chelsea Corrine
TSM Chelsea Corrine

Yes, I know, I need to clear out my voicemail. Clearly I did not answer the call from North Korea, but a slew of thoughts flew through my mind. What could North Korea possibly want from me? Maybe I will be the key to peace between North and South Korea and North Korea with the rest of the world. Who knows, my life could be made into an awesome movie one day. Not likely.

Maybe the North Koreans think I am easily swayed and can pose as a spy for them. Again, that would be a movie I would watch.

It could be that North Korea was trying to call a spy that they have here, but dialed my number instead. Another great movie idea.

I watch too many movies.

The real reason is it was a telemarketer and my phone is confusing numbers with country codes. That is much less exciting, so I am going to pretend that it was one of the reasons above. I just really want to be in an action/spy movie.

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