Hello my name is Chelsea and I have never watched an episode of Will & Grace until last night.

It was a big night for NBC last night with the return of the popular show Will & Grace after being off the air for 11 years.

For the past month I don't think you could go on Facebook without seeing an article or video about the show's return.

With all of the hype and the large following the show had back when it first aired, I had high hopes. A show this popular had to be really funny right?


Even though I had never watched the show I knew the plot of the show and the characters. I've seen Eric McCormack (Will) in other roles on TV, I've seen Sean Hayes's (Jack) lip syncing videos on Facebook that always make me laugh, I've never seen Megan Mullally (Karen), but I do love her hubby Nick Offerman, and the only thing I've seen Debra Messing (Grace) in was the show Smash.

I knew going in there would be a lot of political jokes, which I don't necessarily mind. A joke here or there is fine no matter which side you are mocking. However a joke loses it's effect the more you hear it and that was the issue here.

Political jokes are funny if they are done right and are creative, this wasn't the case for Will & Grace. The jokes they made weren't original and almost every joke was political.

It was funny at first then got extremely tiresome.

I laughed loud maybe twice during the entire show and that was only jokes the character Karen made. I gave a slight chuckle maybe 3-5 times during the show as well. The Ryan scale of hotness was pretty funny, however I feel like I've heard that joke somewhere else. Other than that I sat there watching the 4 characters go through the show without even cracking a smile.

Everything felt very forced and attempted to be the over the top humor many people find funny. I, for the most part, am not one of those people.

When I think of over the top humor I immediately think of Will Farrel, who I only liked in Elf, and Adam Sandler, who I only liked in very few of his movies. When it comes to sitcoms I like Big Bang TheoryFriends, Seinfeld, Parks and Rec, The Office, and New Girl. It's not like I don't like comedies.

Will I watch another episode next week?

Honestly, I don't know. I would give it another chance, but I don't think everyone else in my house will.

Would I suggest watching it?

To each their own I guess...

Like I always say you do you buttercup.

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