I hate people who do research about cities in New Jersey and make conclusions - all this despite the fact that they've never visited these cities!

A "study" about the "Worst Places to Live in New Jersey" has just been published, and I'm not pleased with the results.

The editors of Roadsnacks say among the top 10 worst places to live in New Jersey are Bridgeton, Millville, Wildwood, and Vineland.


The article states, " Everybody in the Northeast (who isn’t from Jersey) thinks of the state as the armpit of the region; a land mainly comprised of highways, landfills, and factory fumes. Also, as the state that raised the cast of Jersey Shore."

Hey, editors! That's North Jersey! That ain't us!

Here in South Jersey, first of all. we don't have a crowded highway problem (as a matter of fact, our roads are fun! We have people watching a chair balance on an old building on the side of the road!).

Landfills and factory fumes? Not in our neck of the woods!

All of the aforementioned cities are, in fact, GREAT PLACES TO LIVE!

Bridgeton? That's where Terrigno's Bakery is located. Have you tried their donuts? Come on! There's no better place to be on earth!

Millville? That's where the best baseball player on the planet (Mike Trout) is from. If they can grow them like that, Millville is a great place to live!

Wildwood? COME ON, MAN! It's Freaking WILDWOOD! Where summer memories are MADE! Let's go to the Wildwood Boardwalk and you'll never want to leave!

Vineland? They mispronounced the city's name in one of the greatest movies ever - "Eddie and the Cruisers!"  Plus, my friend Gene Sherban lives there! We love Vineland!

So, they got it wrong. All wrong. These are not bad places to live - they should be listed amongst the best!

SOURCE; Roadsnacks.net.

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