The current state of the country has almost all of us sounding off to anyone who will listen. Whether it's on social media, talking to friends and family, or evesdropping on another conversation and inserting our two cents (not recommended), one way or another, we want our opinions heard.

There's nothing wrong with feeling like you're entitled to your own opinion. You are, certainly. However, if you're opinion is how those in positions of power could be doing a "better job" at handling the situations at hand at the present, then you better make sure you're making your voice heard at the polls tomorrow. Otherwise, you really don't have a "right" to complain, do you?

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Simply put, we're the one's responsible for those who are currently in power getting there in the first place. If you feel like you have a right to complain about the government but aren't exercising your right to have a say in who's running it, therein lies the problem.

Tomorrow is NJ's primary election. If you for some reason didn't receive your Vote By Mail Ballot, you can go down to your County Clerk's office before 8 p.m. to request yours. If you don't do your part, then your argument is null and void, wouldn't you say?

If you want your opinion respected, make sure you're actually voicing it when it's needed the most.

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