As the weather heats up, the traffic toward the shore will pick up.

Meantime, some traffic will also be heading away from the shore, towards Cowtown Rodeo in Pilesgrove, New Jersey.

Cowtown Rodeo has been in operation since 1929. It has quite a history. It's actually the oldest weekly pro rodeo in the entire country!

Cowtown Rodeo has announced it will open for the season on May 27th. There will be rodeo action every Saturday night from the end of May through the end of September.

In addition to Saturday nights, some weekends of Professional Bull Riding (PBR) are on the schedule for the weekends of July 29 & 30 and August 5 & 6. Another weekend, August 14 & 15 will feature Xtreme Bull Riding.

Individual and Season tickets are now available. You can get those here.

A little slice of Jersey (and U.S.) history: A look at Cowtown Rodeo

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