Did you hear about the accident that occurred this week on the wooden coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ?

Well, if not, here's a quick recap: long story short, the train came off the tracks slightly. A terrifying experience for all on board, no doubt. I don't know about you, but I can't say I've been involved in a lot of accidents regarding amusement park rides, so I don't really have the right to speak on how they feel, but it must have been scary, to say the least.

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The Department of Community Affairs has launched a full investigation into what could've possibly caused the train's lift-proofing system to slip up. The coaster's 19 stories tall and, quite frankly, goes so fast that it's shocking no injuries were reported. That's great news, of course. However, it's not lost on anyone that this whole incident could've had a totally different outcome. Luckily, the derailment occurred towards the end of the ride rather than on one of the many twists and turns throughout the coaster's path.

No true reason for the derailment has yet to be discovered, that's why people from the DCA's safety unit will not green-light El Toro until the source of the incident has been found. A video was taken only minutes after the whole ordeal and already has a bunch of views on Youtube. WATCH:

Many who rode El Toro earlier in the day have watched and commented that they feel so fortunate that the train didn't derail during their ride. One comment seemed to elude to the ride experience being faster that day than previous rides.

You can read all the video comments HERE.

Don't expect to ride El Toro over the July 4th weekend. Chances are, you won't get to. Unless, of course, they wrap up the investigation more quickly than expected.

Sources: NJ.com, Youtube

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