My wife and I have found ourselves going out to eat a little bit more than when the pandemic first began. I'm not sure if it's because we feel safer, or it's just the fact that shear boredom has attacked us.

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Here's a look at 5 of my favorite restaurant dished I've had over the last several weeks. Since it's 2021, these items can also be ordered and picked up and./or delivered.

1. Pazole from Taco El Tio, on the Black Horse Pike in Egg Harbor Township.

Pazole is a soup that tastes fantastic! It's a hominy soup in broth with cabbage, onions, jalapenos, and radishes. (Never underestimate the radish!) You can order the soup with pork or chicken, and you can order it with a clear of red base. I prefer the red because it's spicier. The pork is great. I actually ordered this for pick-up last night and, on a cold night, it was the perfect meal.

I will say EVERYTHING I've ever had at Taco El Tio has been amazing - and, I've eaten there or ordered carryout often!

2. Chili from Texas Roadhouse, on the Black Horse Pike at Fire Road in Egg Harbor Township.

Yes, it's a steak place, and the steaks are great. I find their chili kind of like a "hidden gem." It's delicious!

By the way, if you're looking for a fun, good place to eat, and don't want to spend a lot of dough, this is the place. The last time my wife and I ate there, we each had a steak dinner, and the bill, even with a couple alcohol beverages, was less than $45, not including tip!

3. The Crispy Crab Cake at the Crab Trap, near the bridge, in Somers Point.

Definitely one of the best crab cakes I've ever tasted! Lots of crab, fried (I assume it's fried) with a slight crispy exterior. The sauce that it's served with is equally amazing.

I must confess the Crab Trap is one restaurant I didn't go to for many years, but I'm so glad I found my way back. Everything I've tried is wonderful, they know seafood. The Lobster Bisque is soooo good - I can taste it right now. As far as soups, I also recommend their Tomato Dill!

By the way, in the past few months I've had a few glasses of different white wines at the Crab Trap. I don't know if they keep it colder, if it's the glass, or what, but the wine always tastes better there!

4. Tuna L'Esparance at Ventura's Offshore Cafe on Shore Road in Northfield.

I find that I'm lately ordering different kinds of dishes than I used to. (Maybe I'm trying to eat healthier?) This appetizer, along with their awesome French Onion Soup, can make a great meal for me. Sushi grade tuna with just the perfect amount of spice - ooh, delicious!

Ventura's is another place that I've always been pleased with whatever I've ordered.

5. The California Cobb Wrap from South End Pizza, on Zion Road in Egg Harbor Township.

Look, if you live in EHT, and have never ordered from South End, you're definitely missing out! This is really our go-too place to order delivery.

The California Cobb Wrap (minus the olives) is a great treat for me. I think it's a little bit healthy, too.

Again, South End is another place that, whatever I order, I'm happy. The Buffalo Chicken Pizza is THE BOMB, by the way.

So, there you go, some real food suggestions. If you try any of these, please let me know how it was!

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