Labor Day is now behind us, and so, pretty much, is summer.

It certainly wasn't "The Best Summer Ever" was it?

As we set our sights on the fall, with our fingers crossed hoping the whole COVID thing gets better, let's remember some of what we missed. Here's my list:

1. Concerts. There was nothing. No beach concerts, no casino concerts, no shows at Boardwalk Hall. No Kenny Chesney at the LINC, no Luke Combs at the Tweeter Center. (Yeah, I know it hasn't been the Tweeter Center for years, but, sometimes it's hard to remember what bank it's named after....)

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2. No remote broadcasts. Usually we're EVERYWHERE over the summer. This year we were NOWHERE. No stops at Shoprite, no stops anywhere. No ticket giveaways, no fun and games, no visits with the Wienermobile, no morning shows out at 5:30 in the humid temperatures.

3. No You and I. No US. No YOU! The most fun of us getting out and about is meeting YOU!  I miss shaking hands, exchanging hugs, posing for selfies. I miss seeing your growing kids, I miss meeting your new dog!

4. Family. I miss seeing family. Like many families my mother and sisters and aunts and uncles and cousins are spread out across half the country. We usually get together at least once in the summer. Not this year. Lots of calls, texts, and ZOOM chats, but not much in person. Luckily, my children are local (or moved back home during the pandemic).

5. Traveling. Not just longer vacations, but overnight trips nearby. Stay home. Stay safe.

6. Eating out, well, eating in - at restaurants. We like to try new restaurants, especially in places like Atlantic City and Cape May.  Sure we did a little of that - with outside dining - but not much. It just wasn't the same.

7. Getting together with friends and co-workers. We're trying to stay safe, right?

I'm sure there's more, but I'll stop there. It's been a rough summer for all of us. We need to focus on the positives and count our blessings, right?



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