I have a lot of things running though my head. Let me spill some of them out right here.

The looting in Atlantic City was bad. So wrong. I just want to ask a looter, "Who raised you?"

Shout out to all our local police officers. We are proud of you and thankful for you every day.

It was sad to see so many businesses in Somers Point boarded up to discourage looting. Luckily, at last check, everything was quiet.

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Remember the good old days when all we had to worry about was, "What's for dinner?" Lots of other things to worry about - but, we still haven't figured out what's for dinner.

Funniest thing I heard this week: WIFE: "I'm so mad at you!" HUSBAND: "Again, or still?"

I'm grateful to work at a place where we have a lot of people passionate about what they do. It's one of the "intangibles" that people talk about. (That goes for Cat Country and ALL of our Townsquare Atlantic City radio stations.)

When I was 11, my favorite thing was jumping on my bicycle and riding all around all day. Do kids today know that feeling, that independence?

The energy of the local peaceful protests has been strong. How long `til racism isn't a thing any more? I sincerely hope it's soon.

There are a lot of people on Facebook who are funny. I love that!

I don't really drink often, but a cold beer in a small loud bar sounds perfect about now.

I miss the smell of a (fully-operational and open) boardwalk on a summer night.

Mike Trout is wonderful role model for kids today. If you have small children, point him about. So proud he's from South Jersey.

Will I get my haircut - or just let it keep growing?

I keep meaning to do a cooking video. Not to brag, but boredom has led me to make some pretty good meals.

Garth Brooks' "Dive Bar" concert in South Jersey last fall was about the coolest event ever. I swear though, if you just walked into the bar and didn't know who Garth Brooks was, you would have just thought he was a really good bar singer. What is it that transforms some singers into superstars? It's the "IT" factor, I guess. Garth leads the way in that one.

A good Reuben sandwich with fries in a diner sounds really good right now.

Harry Hurley from WPG Talk Radio (a Townsquare radio station) is a very polarizing personality on the air. In reality, he is a very sweet and caring man. I'm lucky to call him a friend.

Some of the speakers at some of the local protests are born leaders. Many are religious leaders in their communities. One or two of them crossing over to the political arena could really be a good thing.

I miss baseball. Nothing else is a good enough substitute.

Until recently, I never spent a lot of time watching the Fox News Channel and CNN. It's really like CNN is the Democrat channel and Fox is the Republican channel. What happen to just news, without an opinion?

Although I haven't spent a lot of time with him, Kenny Chesney is as cool in person as you hope he is.

Do you drive by (or in) the always-busy Chick-Fil-A near Fire Road and wonder why you didn't start the franchise? My pleasure!

Several years ago I did an endorsement for My Pillow. That means they paid me to talk about it. Our deal only lasted a few weeks, but I still have the pillow. They no longer pay me, but I can still tell you it's the best pillow my head has even rested on.

I could never be an astronaut. I couldn't get used to the bathroom stuff.

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