* Yesterday, I must have passed fifty utility trucks from outside our area coming in to help restore power. What a great feeling to see these trucks roll in....Yeah!

* What a terrible feeling realizing not one of these stopped anywhere near where I live in Egg Harbor Township.... Another night of sweaty sleep. I've had no power at home since the storms hit early Saturday....

*Luckily, we had no damage at our house. Just a half filled freezer of food. (We usually do our grocery shopping on Saturday or Sunday.)

*The storm itself was very intense early Saturday morning...but, did you see the lightening last evening? At about 8:30 or 9, there was one big cloud that just seemed to have continuous lightening going on inside it.

*I had no idea so many people owned chainsaws.....

*Times like these can make good businesses better and bad businesses worse. If your business, such as a restaurant, can stay open and serve people in a friendly, fair manner, you will win more customers. If you are a gas station owner and you choose this time to jack-up your prices.....the public will never forget. ( I can understand a parking lot raising prices for a Kenny Chesney concert, but I can't understand a business gouging people who are suffering.)

*I've seen the devastation close up caused by tornadoes. In many ways, this storm was worse. The damage was much more widespread. With a tornado, you get almost a line or path of destruction. With this storm, the damage was heavy across a wide area. The power outage is monstrous - you don't get that with a tornado.

*The sound of a choir of generators can actually lull you into a nice sleep. All be it, a sweaty sleep.

*Finally, the stars look a lot brighter and more numerous when there are no lights on in your neighborhood.

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