Dear Miss America Organization,

Like a thief in the night, you once again have fled our town with an Atlantic City tradition.

The first time you ran away from the place where Miss America was born, you ran to Las Vegas. While in Vegas, the Miss America Pageant _______________. I'm leaving this blank because I don't know what happened the years the pageant was there. I never heard. I guess what happens in Vegas really stays in Vegas.

Then, you returned home, to where it all began - Atlantic City. We welcomed you with open arms. We coddled you, lifted you up. We forgot about you abandoning us, we fell in love all over again.

We showed up for the pageants, we showed up for the "Show Us Your Shoes" parades!" (And we really loved the parades!)

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Somewhere along the way, your infrastructure came tumbling apart, and, your dirty laundry was strewn across the boardwalk and dumped in the sea.

We, the people of Atlantic City, still stood by your side.

Sure, you lost some of the funding you had, but, let's face it, you might have brought a little of that on yourself.

Now, you've packed up and headed to Connecticut - or somewhere up there.

We hear your pageant - or is it now a competition - is happening this week.

Frankly, we the people of Atlantic City could care less. (We're betting a good part of the country feels the same.)

For the second time, you've taken a local tradition with roots in Atlantic City, and sold it to the highest bidder.

In the spirit of Bert Parks, I say,  "There She Goes, Miss America...."


We Loved You Back When,

Joe Kelly

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