Ask any New Jersey native and they'll tell you that while most people from the Garden State have pretty big hearts, they're also known for not taking crap from people.

It's not exactly breaking news to say that Jersey has a pretty savage reputation from an outsider's perspective. From the outside looking in, NJ looks like a place with high property taxes, no room to move, and therefore some pretty angry people. While most Jersey residents would disagree about that last part, they won't deny the state's savagery.

Apparently, that NJ personality can rub off on people. That point was proven entirely true many years ago when John Carpenter, the first winner of the game show "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" pulled what could arguably be known as the most savage stunt of the show's history right before winning the million dollar prize.

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To provide a quick recap: Carpenter hadn't used any of the three lifelines provided to contestants and he was on his very last question. He still had the option to ask the audience, remove two out of the four answers, or to phone a friend. Game show host Regis Philbin asked Carpenter which United States president made an appearance on the show "Laugh-In," and Carpenter used that opportunity to call his father using the "phone a friend" lifeline.  What the audience didn't know was that Carpenter did, in fact, know the answer (Richard Nixon) and was just calling his dad to let him know that he was about to win the prize money.

Talk about a SAVAGE!

The clip has recently been resurrected and has gone viral on social media. After doing some digging about the first million dollar winner, it makes perfect sense that he would react in such a savage way like that. Turns out, he's got a little bit of Jersey in him. Believe it or not, John Carpenter actually went to Rutgers University. Needless to say, Jersey shaped him a bit.

He wasn't even the least bit sorry for his cockiness on full display and the audience LOVED it. Watch the clip below:

What a beast! Hilarious response. Though he's from Massachusetts, nobody would be surprised if it's revealed he's got even more ties to the Garden State then we thought.

Source: Youtube

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