Now is NOT the time to start a diet. The holidays are right around the corner. What are you even thinking??

This is the time of year to enjoy ALL the goodies that the universe brings your way. Sorry, I'm a bad influence. But, with all the cookies, cakes, pies, and other yummy deliciousness getting pumped out of everybody's kitchens this time of year, what do you expect?

A sheet pan of Christmas cookies in various shapes with white vanilla drizzle icing on top.
Photo by Kelsey Weinkauf on Unsplash

I have a confession to make, though. I'm not a big sweets eater. I prefer salty snacks. Chips, pretzels, pickles (had to throw that in there), ANYTHING salty and crunchy; now, those snacks are right up my alley. Mini cakes, cupcakes, and all of the sweet pastries, I could honestly do without and be just fine.

Photo by Mark Zanzig on Unsplash
Photo by Mark Zanzig on Unsplash

There is one sweet treat, however, that I am a TOTAL sucker for. Ice cream is my weakness. I could eat ice cream every single day of my life and never get tired of it. So, when I heard the news about 'Little Debbie,' I had to find out where I could get my hands on it.

The folks over at Little Debbie have released a holiday-themed sweet that you'll absolutely ADORE if you're a fan of their Christmas Tree Cakes. May I present to you, the Christmas Tree Cake ice cream flavor!

If you're someone who gets giddy when you see the cakes return to stores for the holiday season, you'll have to grab a box and pint of the ice cream to go right along with it. Here's the thing, though.... you can only purchase the ice cream at one retailer. To get your hands on a pint of Little Debbie's Christmas Tree Cake ice cream, you'll have to head to Walmart while supplies last.

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