Tony's Baltimore Grill in Atlantic City had been missing something: Some of the new outdoor furniture they just added for this summer. A number of pieces were stolen at the end of June, but they've finally been returned.

A table, patio umbrella, and half a dozen chairs were reportedly lifted from Tony's, on Atlantic Avenue, back on June 29th, according to

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Baltimore Grill manager Joe Palumbo put up $1,500 to whoever was willing to bring back the furniture, and that INCLUDED the thief/thieves, no questions asked. He even threw in a free pizza every week and beer.

But, finally, the 'furniture fiasco' is over, according to Tony's.

Two people have reportedly returned the furniture, according to, and while they were the thieves, they shed some light on what happened.

Reportedly, an unidentified family bought the furniture, and became aware it was stolen property. The pair returned it all to Tony's on behalf of the family that hesitated to do it themselves for fear of prosecution.

The people who returned the furniture will split the $1,500 cash reward. They opted for a free meal at Baltimore Grill every week for the rest of their lives! That's extremely generous, Tony's!

The restaurant had gotten into the habit of bringing in the new outdoor furniture after closing time, Palumbo surmises it had to have been swiped during working hours. Pretty brazen, huh?

Now a portion of one of the stolen tables has been painted red as a reminder that 'good things happen every day', says Baltimore Grill.

Tony's is still hoping for an apology from the robbers.

In case you missed what happened, you can watch the original story that was broadcast on 6abc. And, if you have any info to offer Tony's on the person/persons responsible for stealing the furniture in the first place, call 609-345-5766.

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