Dine and DASH? Don't you dare! It happened recently at one of Atlantic City's best-known restaurants, and now the staff wants to find the man to hold him accountable for his actions.

The theft, because that's what it was, even if the proof is in someone's stomach, took place at Tony's Baltimore Grill.

The restaurant claims the culprit is actually a former employee! Could it be this guy Rob assumed his check would be taken care of by Tony's Baltimore Grill since he used to work there? Not from the words the restaurant wrote on their official Instagram alongside a video of the dine-and-dashing.

In the surveillance footage, you can see "Rob" (wearing a dark leather jacket and ball cap) finishing his meal at the bar, before he slyly picks up his phone, looks around, and makes his exit. In his OTHER hand was the check-presenter envelope. Hey, guess if he felt "no check, no crime."

But Tony's Baltimore Grill isn't letting this one slide. They want Rob found and prosecuted. They also remind customers, "If you can’t afford your meal at the joint, just ask, and we will take care of the bill for you. But if you take our furniture OR steal our food, WE WILL FIND YOU."

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It was back in late June that the restaurant had its brand new outdoor patio furniture stolen. It was eventually returned after Tony's went public with the 'five finger discount', calling out the thieves on social media.

If you have any information to share with Tony's Baltimore Grill regarding "Rob The Dine and Dasher," message them here.

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