First, it was a snake. Then, that was found.

Now, apparently someone has lost yet another exotic pet in Egg Harbor Township. If it's not something that slithers, it's something that flies, right? That's the case this time as a video has been shared to social media featuring a beautiful parakeet that someone had spotted out at their bird feeder this week.

Parakeets aren't exactly huge fans of the cold. Since there are more than a few inches of snow currently on the ground in Egg Harbor Township and all of the surrounding South Jersey towns, it's likely this little guy is wanting to find his (or her) way home sooner rather than later.

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A video was posted and shared to a local Egg Harbor Township Facebook page of a gray, white, and blue little parakeet seemingly trying to eat its fill of what it could from someone's bird feeder. Someone was able to capture the parakeet on video in an effort to share it and find who this little bird belongs to.

The woman who noticed the parakeet, Cely Wall, apparently tried to catch the bird, but was unsuccessful. She shared the video to a couple of South Jersey community Facebook pages in the hopes that someone would see it and, hopefully, know who the little thing belongs to.

If you think you may have a hunch as to who this little parakeet's owners are, you can reach out to Ms. Wall via Facebook HERE. Her home is located near Mays Landing-Somers Point Road in Egg Harbor Township.

Source: Facebook

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