If you're missing your gorgeous gray cat, a lady in Egg Harbor Township might've found him.

Actually, to be completely honest, he found her. A lady from EHT was just sitting at home minding her own business when a gray cat wandered right into her house. Kelly Daiker shared a few posts to Facebook letting the community know about the gray handsome fellow that barged right into her life hoping someone might come forward to claim him. No such luck, however.

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Unfortunately, the little guy is currently dealing with some health issues. Daiker told us that she took him to the vet and he's got to be on some antibiotics and such to get him over his illnesses. If nobody claims him, she intends to keep him. Daiker shared the post of Copper (that's what she's calling him) to the Atlantic County Lost And Found Pets Facebook group, but nobody has yet stepped forward claiming ownership.

Copper isn't microchipped, so there really is no other way to track down a possible owner other than by word-of-mouth. Luckily for Daiker, somebody took kindly to the situation and offered to help with some of the medical expenses. Daiker said she's doing the best she can for the little guy and every little bit helps.

If you think you may know who this boy belongs to or if you'd like to be a part of Copper's recovery and success story, you may reach out to Daiker via her Facebook page HERE.

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