This story could have had a totally different ending, but for this father and son, theirs is a good one.

What started out as a fun father-son Sunday excursion in Barnegat turned is now a tale the pair are lucky enough to have the chance to share. They set out for a fun day on the water, but thanks to a bad storm (among other factors), were not able to paddle back to their original launch point safely before darkness set in.

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Search and rescue units were deployed late Sunday night, and luckily, didn't return empty-handed. According to, the father and son were both found after paddling to shallow water near Island Beach State Park. Police rescuers were able to guide them to their boat and the pair along with their kayaks were returned safely to the mainland.

This is one fishing trip-gone wrong that actually turned out right. Kudos to the first responders who carried out the search and rescue mission!! #JERSEYSTRONG



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