Easter is about one week away!

If the Easter Bunny hasn't consulted you yet about putting together your children's Easter Baskets, don't worry. No worries if you haven't started to shop yet, we got you covered.

Nobody wants their kids to have the typical, run-of-the-mill Easter goodies, right? If you're on the hunt for interesting and original Easter Basket stuffers that you can report back to the Easter Bunny, check out these five items that he MUST include in all of your kids' Easter Baskets.


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    Summer's on its way! Get the kids ready by stocking their baskets with some essentials they're sure to need for the season.

    Sunglasses are a perfect item to start with. In fact, it's probably smart to purchase more than one pair since it's likely they'll lose one at some point.

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    Summer Shoes or Flip Flops

    Keeping with the theme of summer, throw in a pair of sandals or flip flops. That's all the kids will be wearing pretty soon anyway.

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    Sidewalk Chalk

    Who doesn't love to play with sidewalk chalk? Looking at you guys too, Mom and Dad. Sidewalk chalk is a perfect addition to the Easter basket since it's getting really nice outside and can be used by everyone!

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    A Craft or Fun Activity

    Whether it's a bracelet kit for your art-loving little one or a superhero-themed sticker book for your the kid in your life who dreams of growing up to be a Marvel character, you can't go wrong with including some kind of activity in their baskets.

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    Tech Stuff

    Now, something for the older kids. If you've got some older children in the mix who have absolutely no interest in anything like sidewalk chalk or a craft anymore, you can't go wrong with anything that has to do with technology. How about a Bluetooth speaker?

    Every preteen and teenager needs a Bluetooth speaker these days, in fact, they probably already have one. If that's true, then so is this: they probably misplace them a lot.

    Check this one out for an affordable option. The Easter Bunny will probably thank you for your frugality.

    Source: Five Below