So many questions surrounding the news of the latest incident to come out of Salem County.

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According to, a man was sitting outside Stubini's bar located in Carney's Point in the early hours of the Sunday morning (10/11) when he was struck in the butt. Struck, obviously meaning shot. Could you imagine?? The man apparently wanted to drive himself to the hospital but couldn't make it the whole way, so he called for help and was taken to a hospital in Delaware to be treated for his injuries.

Now, apparently, the motive for the shooting is currently unknown. The real question is why the butt? The silver lining here, obviously, is that the injuries aren't life threatening. Still can't imagine being shot where the sun don't shine. Who knows if that's where the shots were intended to go, but probably not.

The detectives on the case don't currently know whether or not the victim was targeted if he's a victim of stray bullets from an unrelated incident. The admissions staff at the hospital were certainly not expecting what they were met with when the victim arrived, surely. Luckily, the victim was not fatally injured and hopefully, will have at the very least an insanely wild story to tell.

Read more about the incident outside of Stubini's bar HERE:



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