Happy Monday! It's kind of a blah day (especially with the Eagles losing yesterday) so I thought I'd just vent a little - and, so as not to be too negative - give you a couple food recommendations.

Let's start out with 3 reasons people suck:

1. They park in the handicapped space when they are not handicapped and don't have a handicapped plate or placard.

I saw this early this morning (like 3am) at my local Wawa. My guess is the driver thought that because it was the middle of the night and raining - and his passenger was the only one getting out of the car - it would be OK to take up the handicapped space nearest the door. You suck.

2. Closely related to the above - they park in the "Fire Zone" in front of the store.  Look, drop off your person, then move it! Don't sit there and wait. Among the many reasons I hate this is you can't see people walking in front, or behind, or their parked car. Move along, you suck.

3. People who litter. Especially masks. Did you have a mother growing up? Did she teach you manners? Why do you expect someone else to clean up your mess? You suck.

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Now, let's be happy! 2 restaurant dishes I've tried recently that I want to tell the world about:

1. The poke bowl at Water Dog Smoke House on Ventnor Avenue in Ventnor.  I had never been to Water Dog until last month, and I never heard of a poke bowl before. (Poke is is pronounce po-kay. Rhymes with OK) First, let me tell you Water Dog Smoke House is an awesome place. I keep going back to try a different dish or sandwich, but I keep ordering the poke bowl because it's so good!

For the poke bowl, you pick your protein (my favorite is Spicy Raw Tuna), pick a sauce (mine is sriracha aiolli), and that's served is a bowl of goodness, filled with things like greens, avocado, cucumber, mango, and green onion. So good!

2. The Mustang Burger at Vagabond kitchen and Tap House  in Egg Harbor Township. Whoever thought that pepperoni on a burger would taste so good? Add in some melted provolone, fried onions and a special sauce, and this might be my favorite burger - ever! (Big bonus - I only live five minutes away.) Cooked to perfection, coupled with some awesome fries, and a cold beer, and I'm in heaven.

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