You're going to have to grab some tissues for this one because it is absolutely beautiful.

Get ready for another Jersey girl showcasing some pretty huge talent! So much so, in fact, that the Pittsburgh Steelers took notice. We're cheering so loud for local Manahawkin native Carly Sica who not only wrote the song quarterback Kenny Pickett danced with his wife to at their wedding, but she sang it, too.

When you watch the video, I dare you not to cry.

Here's a little backstory about how this all came to be:

Carly Sica is a Jersey girl, born and bred, who moved to Nashville a few years ago to pursue her dream of music. She can be seen performing at a bunch of the honkytonks down on Broadway and puts on one hell of a show. I should know. I saw her perform in-person down in Music City earlier this year.

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Sica happens to be the first cousin of Amy Paternoster, another Jersey girl, who graduated from Princeton in 2022. Paternoster also played soccer during her time at her now-alma mater. Paternoster just got married to Pittsburgh Steelers' quarterback Kenny Pickett. Knowing her cousin's huge voice and gift for songwriting, she asked Sica to write them a special song for their first dance on their wedding day.

Not only did Sica write the song for her cousin and now famous athlete cousin-in-law, but she also performed it to a slew of applause and cheers from everyone in attendance. She really nailed it, too. Sica included lyrics about how the couple met, what it must have felt like to be Paternoster waiting to hear her honey's name announced during the 2022 NFL draft, and even what it means for them to be forever united.

Listen to the original song, "Steeler Heart" (produced by Nick Fabian), below:

Pickett and Paternoster tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony on Saturday, June 24th at the Pleasantdale Chateau in West Orange.

The above information was generously provided by the Paternoster-Sica family.

Source: IG

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