About a month ago on March 31st, a Becca Boothby of Margate celebrated the birthday of her sister Caroline, but in a little bit different of a way than most would expect.  Caroline passed away at the early age of 22, but even though she is not here to celebrate, the family wanted to do something special that would honor her on a day remembering her life.

In which case, Caroline's sister created a Go-fund-me page to collect donations to help the shelters and rescues in Atlantic county, which helped to provide vet care, food, toys, blankets, beds and supplies for the animals in need.

Caroline had a great compassion for animals, and would be happy to know that her day down on earth was spent recognizing animals in need and having donations made in her name to help them.

The goal was set at $2,300 to represent Caroline's 23rd birthday and years since her birth, but in just a month, the South Jersey community was able to surpass that goal by over $100.  Anything additionally donated to the page will continue to go towards the shelters of Atlantic County.

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