It's that time of year, again! The sharks are back in town!

Obviously, when I say "town," I mean in this part of the Atlantic Ocean. Sure, you can say things like "well, duh, sharks live in the ocean." Listen, party poopers, don't rain on my parade. I always get really excited when the sharks start pinging off of Jersey's coastline again. I LOVE sharks. Once they start pinging, that usually means that summer is right around the corner.

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The first shark ping of the 2023 season was from Hali. According to the folks over at Ocearch Shark Tracking, Hali is a juvenile white shark that's currently weighing in just shy of 700 pounds; 697, to be exact. She's pretty long already, measuring 10.7 feet, but no doubt, there's still time for her to grow as she's not an adult shark yet.

A little bit more information on Hali:

Hali marks the 2nd shark sampled, tagged, and released on Expedition Nova Scotia 2021, and our 75th shark in our Northwest Atlantic White Shark Study.

She first pinged off of the coast of Long Beach Island on Friday, April 14th at around 10:30 in the morning. This will be the third year the people at OCearch have been receiving information about Hali. She was initially tagged back in the fall of 2021 in Nova Scotia. They've been monitoring her patterns of movement ever since.

Hali's a busy girl, too.

Based on Ocearch's information, Hali's traveled over 7500 nautical miles in the last year along. Depending on her travels, we may be seeing more of Hali as the months heat up.


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