Andrew Zappley is 12-years-old and he's kicking butt on Fox's 'MasterChef Junior!'  Until this week....

Andrew is from West Deptford, NJ and he's has done so well through the competitions each week.  However, this week, he was a little rattled.

I think it's because his bestie got sent home last week.  But that's just my opinion.

This week's episode was titled, 'Restaurant Takeover.'  These young kids went into an actual restaurant and made dinners for customers who had no idea that their food was being prepared by children!

Andrew was one of the winners from the elimination round last week, so he got to pick his team.  Team red includes: Andrew, Nathan and Jenna.

Jimmy, leading the blue team, works with Ayla and Kayla.

The dinner includes:  Two appetizers - Mediterranean octopus and sausage with chickpea cakes and an English pea ravioli with carrots and spiced Greek yogurt. The main course gets even harder with the two options of a skate wing with capers and green beans and a flat iron steak with herb butter and pommes aligot.  (In case you're like me and have no idea what's in aligot....)

Andrew took charge in the kitchen, but maybe he took charge a little bit too much.  He seemed to be showing off just a bit...  And Gordon Ramsey called him out for being too aggressive.

It's interesting to see Ramsey in his "true form" during the restaurant takeover.  He's still polite to the kids, but he does yell and he gets angry.  But he's still a softie when it comes to these kids.  And that's probably why I love the show so much. Well, that and Riley.  Riley better make a surprise appearance before the season is finished.

Anywho...  The red team came out on top after a few fires and some poor time management.  However, the red team members are the one's going home, Ayla and Kayla.  Super sad.  I liked both of them.

But Andrew lives to compete for another week!  Woo Hoo!

'MasterChef Junior' continues next Tuesday on Fox.

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