What do you get when you combine adorable pets, useful advice from an educated + credible source, and a super hot body? Say hello to Dr. Hunter Finn.

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Dr. Finn posts TikToks and Instagram videos teaching people what to do and not to do regarding their pets. Yesterday, a video of his was shared detailing a lot of important information for dog owners regarding bones, chew toys, treat dos and don'ts, etc. It's a compilation of a bunch of his content that doesn't fail to disappoint (in more ways than one). Check it out:

Dig a little deeper and you'll find some other ahem... *hot topics*... on his Instagram.

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Pssstttt...wanna know my biggest fitness tip? This will help you not only in the gym, but also in your everyday life. Please RACK your weights when you’re done using them! I mean you burn even more calories doing it and you feel better about yourself. Plus, no one wants to clean up after you whether it’s in the gym, at your work, or at home (sorry mom). I promise you, if you take this tip and apply it to your everyday life, the gains will come. You can even take it one step further and rack other peoples weights (if they are done with them), clean up after your coworkers, or pick up that trash even if it’s not yours. #iam1stphorm #dallasfit #veterinarian #veterinarymedicine #fitnesstips #fitnessquotes

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Not only is Dr. Finn passionate about your pet's health, but evidently his own as well. Some human health tips from your favorite vet never hurt anybody, right ladies?

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