Those dang millennials... ruining everything for everyone. Just kidding. did report, though, that the population age 22-37 are now watching shows that went way over their heads as children to see if the hype still deserves a top spot in today's pop culture.

So far, the beloved 90s sitcom Seinfeld isn't making the cut. Millennials aren't huge fans of some of the jokes that can be interpreted as marginalizing a specific group of people. The entire show hasn't been voted off the island, but some of the "edgy comedy" featured in the show has been deemed insensitive towards various groups of people and cultures.

Take a look at the worst offenders:


  • 1

    The Puerto Rican Day Parade

    Some millennials claim stomping on the Puerto Rican flag is disrespectful (even though it was only to put out a fire). The other part of this episode deemed particularly offensive is the riot scene towards the end when one of the main characters makes the assumption about that sort of behavior being common in Puerto Rico.

  • 2

    George and Jerry Get Mistaken For a Same-Sex Couple

    A journalist accidentally assumes that Jerry and George are a couple in an episode of season four. That joke was deemed funny back then, but is seen as insensitive by today's standards.

  • 3

    The 'Soup Nazi'

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