Miranda Lambert and her husband Brendan McLoughlin are back in Nashville after their latest road trip a few days earlier than anticipated, thanks to a hit-and-run accident they were involved with on the highway. Fortunately, no one was hurt -- except for their beloved Airstream.

In an Instagram post sharing photos from the latest leg of their trip, Lambert explains that she and McLoughlin were in the Atlanta, Ga., area, on I-20 W when "an ass hole in a small car with temp plates was driving erratically and tried to squeeze between us and a semi truck going 70 (sic)." It didn't end well.

"It hit the airstream on the passenger side and sent us into the left lane," the singer details. "We fishtailed pretty good but got on the shoulder as quickly as possible to assess the damage."

The damage was relatively minor -- no one was injured, and the couple's vehicle and trailer were still driveable -- but the other car, unfortunately, "sped away" after the collision, Lambert says, leaving her and McLoughlin with no recourse except to file an accident report and keep driving.

"@brendanjmcloughlin kept our trailer pretty steady for being side swiped," Lambert adds. "Thanks to @airstream_inc and @southland_rv, we are gonna be repaired and back to our vagabond ways soon."

Lambert first indicated that she and McLoughlin had left Nashville again in a post on Sunday (Jan. 31), shortly after their two-year wedding anniversary. They hauled "The Sheriff" (their name for the trailer) to Asheville N.C., per that post, and her latest post mentions time in Greensboro, Ga. as well.

"Overall it was an amazing trip," Lambert writes, "and we learned we have a lot to see and a lot to be grateful for."

Lambert first introduced "The Sheriff" to fans in May, when she was forced to stay home for a while and reschedule tour dates due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She bought the Airstream and hit the road with McLoughlin that month, taking the unexpected downtime to visit some spots of the country she'd never explored before.

"I’ve been touring for 19 years and most times we just roll in, play our show, and roll to the next town. I’ve only gotten to spend some real time in a few of the places I’ve been," she explained at the time, saying that she and McLoughlin were going to change that and adding, "I know that seeing the world through the windshield again will bring creative vibes.”

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