It was all over social media this week - Ticketmaster vouchers!  Well, the initial phase of the free vouchers is over.  However....

Ticketmaster says that they are releasing another $5 million worth of free ticket vouchers for account holders today!

Here's what happened in case you missed it...

According to,

Last month, Ticketmaster settled a $400 million class action lawsuit over charges it filed for things like processing costs (we always thought those seemed a little high). About 50 million people who bought tickets from Oct. 21, 1999 through Feb. 27, 2013 are covered.
Some of the New Jersey concerts were in the initial push, so hopefully they add those to the new release...  The vouchers don't expire until 2020, so the chances of you grabbing free tickets to an awesome New Jersey concert is pretty high!
Plain and simple, sign in to your Ticketmaster account and see what's waiting for you!