Summer is right around the corner and millions are getting set to head to the beautiful beaches of New Jersey. Jersey beaches are some of the most beautiful beaches in America. Each beach in the Garden State has its own "niche". Some are situated on beautiful boardwalks, some are more private. Some Jersey beaches are home to amusement parks, some are filled with nightlife, and some are great for the little ones.


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We are looking at beaches in New Jersey that are perfect for families to hit this summer. Lot's of great family entertainment and pristine beaches to enjoy during the summer of 2023. According to a recent article by Family Destinations Guide, there are several beaches along the Jersey coastline that are perfect for Mom and Dad to bring the kids.



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In the article, the beach selected as the "number one" family beach is situated in Atlantic County. Brigantine Beach was selected as "number one". "Brigantine Beach is a popular beach right next to Atlantic City. It features miles of oceanfront shoreline and plenty of fun things to do for the whole family."

In addition, the article cited the many "family friendly" options in Brigantine. "You can relax on the shore and work on your tan as your kids make sandcastles or fly kites." Ethan Robertson Ethan Robertson



Other beaches that made the "best family beaches" list from Family Destinations Guide are:

2. Sandy Hook Beach — Highlands

3. Long Branch Beach — Long Branch

4. Asbury Park Beach — Asbury Park

5. Beach Haven — Beach Haven

6. Atlantic City Beach — Atlantic City

7. Wildwood Beach — Wildwood

8. Stone Harbor Beach — Stone Harbor

9. Island Beach State Park — Lanoka Harbor

10. Point Pleasant Beach — Point Pleasant Beach frank mckenna frank mckenna



So what beach would you recommend for families here in New Jersey? Post your suggestions below and enjoy a fantastic summer here in the Garden State.


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