The borough of Point Pleasant Beach is looking to add more oceanfront parking in the shore town.

Though some residents aren't too happy about the decision.  They are questioning the borough's motives, saying the lots and spots will cater to the boardwalk's big businesses. says, "Some residents questioned the town's motive for the changes, particularly because eight of the lots under consideration are owned by the Storino family, which also owns the large section of the boardwalk containing the amusements, attractions and eateries.

Family patriarch Pat Storino on Tuesday night addressed a crowd of about 75 people at the borough council meeting to try to stave off rumors that he plans to raze buildings to create more parking lots or to expand the amusements on the boardwalk."

Other residents expressed concerns of more traffic in an already congested area.  Mayor Stephen Reid says adding more parking spots is not an issue of attracting more people to the boards, but insists that the people are already flocking to the shore town. And more parking is needed.

All the details for the proposed parking spots can be found at