Just because a board game involves real estate and players moving through city streets doesn't mean the game is a rip-off of Monopoly, does it?

Of course, Monopoly has been around for generations and is based on the early 20th-century era Atlantic City.

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Now comes a board game based on a city just down the parkway in South Jersey: Cape May.

Historic Cape May is the setting for "Cape May" - a game produced by Thunderworks Games.

I thought, "Maybe 'Cape May' was developed by a local person."


According to the Thunderwords Games website, the creator is a guy from Madison, Wisconsin.

From the Thunderworks website, here's a description of how to play the game:

"In Cape May, players traverse the city streets as entrepreneurs, developing property while building wealth over four seasons to earn prestige.

Build cottages, develop them into Victorian homes, and upgrade them into historic landmarks. Establish shops and grow them into profitable businesses. Carefully move around the city, and make strategic use of activity cards.

Complete bonus goals, then take some time to relax and spot wildlife in the best place for birdwatching in the Northeastern United States.

Whoever best balances their income, development, movement, and personal goals will go down in history as the most successful developer of Cape May!"

It kind of sounds pretty close to Monopoly, right?

The game is available on Amazon for a not cheap price of $55.

Here's someone in a different voice explaining how to play the game:

If you've played "Cape May" we'd love to hear from you!

SOURCES: Thunderworks Games and Amazon.com.

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