"The Mulligator has Been Captured" is a headline we'd like to see, especially with temperatures getting colder in South Jersey.

No movement on that front, but I've put together a list of other South Jersey headlines we'd like to see. (Feel free to add your own below or on our Facebook pages.)

* "Joe Kelly Wins $900 in Mega Millions Drawing, Agrees to Give 500 Cat Country Listeners $1Million each."

* "Philadelphia Phillies Announces New Minor League Affiliate to Play in Atlantic City."

* "Indoor Water Park Finally Built in Atlantic City."

* "Lucy the Elephant Comes Alive in Margate!"

* Panera Bread Announces Opening of 6 New Locations in Atlantic, Cumberland, and Cape May Counties."

* "All Area Roads Were Repaved Last Night While You Slept."

* "3,458 Pennsylvania Drivers Jailed for Driving Slow in Left Lane."

* "Disney Announces Biggest Theme Park Ever in Atlantic City. South Jersey Residents Given Free Lifetime Passes."

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