It may sound like a joke to those of us who reside in South Jersey, but Governor Murphy has made a statement encouraging all New Jersey residents to remain at home even now that snow has pretty much said bid us farewell.

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Of course, his cautionary message makes sense for the parts of the state currently dealing with six plus inches of snow, but South Jersey barely saw anything compared to those other regions. According to, Governor Murphy is lifting restrictions he placed on travel when he issued the state-of-emergency earlier this week due to the nor'easter. He did say, however, that even though the restrictions are lifted, he recommends that anyone without an essential need to head out of the house should stay off the roads to give clean-up crews the time and space they need to their job.

Again, Murphy's sentiments are totally understandable in areas that were hit hard. However, in South Jersey, it's almost back to business-as-usual. Now, with that being said, that in NO WAY means for South Jersey residents to lose any awareness to slick spots when it comes to heading out to wherever you need to go. Of course, be mindful of the roads as it's still wet out there and will be for the next couple of days.

Murphy did mention black ice and for everyone to be wary of it when traveling anywhere while the snow is melting. That's one that holds true for our area, for sure. Bottom line, be safe; don't drive recklessly in this weather. As for South Jersey residents needing to stay at home? I say, as long as you remain alert while driving, you're probably fine to head to wherever you need to.


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