As part of my radio oath, I've agreed to not swear on the radio. Apparently that oath was also taken by my cellular telephone.

I'm not allowed to swear on the radio. It could cost my employer a big fine and me my job. As far as anyone knows, I've never said a cuss word on the radio. (If you did hear me that one time - you must be mistaken....)

Something that I've noticed is that I am apparently not allowed to swear via my phone. (Not that I have a potty mouth, mind you, but, I do admit that my temper gets the best of me at at times.) If I'm using the push-to-text feature on my phone, my phone does not like it when I swear.

How do I know? It refuses to type what I say. If I say the "F-word", my phone will literally spell out the word, "F***." Not using the letters, but using asterisks instead. It does this for other swear words, too!

As I was preparing to write this story, I let loose with a flock of expletives into my phone, and each came out with asterisks rather than the actual words. (Granted, the morning guy at the Lite Rock studio down the hall from me was probably wondering who I was giving the business to at 4:45am.....)

Go ahead and try it, and let me know how your phone treats you!

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