My whole life is a lie!

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If you've been listening to the morning show over the last few days, then you've heard Joe and I discuss the Bloomin' Onion from Outback Steakhouse. The Bloomin' Onion is one of the two of my most favorite appetizers from any national chain restaurant. For me, I think it has to do with the sauce - SOOOOO GOOD!

Well, I've come to discover that the illusion of me indulging in authentic Australian cuisine has been completely shattered. Denis, a listener from down under, brought it to my attention via the Cat Country mobile app that the Bloomin' Onion is NOT an Australian delicacy like I thought. Am I naïve to think that it was? Maybe. Doesn't change the fact that I'm completely crushed and betrayed!

The dead giveaway that I should've caught onto before today was the fact that the Bloomin' Onion is completely fried. Denis said that the whole "fried food thing" is primarily done here in America. (DUH, Jahna)

That's the embarrassing factoid of info I missed - of course it's American. If it's fried, it's American, right? Isn't that the general rule? Nevertheless, Outback has betrayed my trust. Don't worry, I'll still plan on remaining a VERY loyal customer. I just can't do without my Aussie Cheese Fries and Bloomin' Onions for too long. Also, the bread at Outback alone is enough to keep me coming back.

It may not be an authentic Australian dish, but it sure is delicious.


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