As you've grown up listening to radio and watching television, you've probably heard the beeps and the, "this is a test" message associated with the Emergency Alert System -- it's the system that's in place to quickly alert you of weather and civil emergencies, Amber Alerts, and more. While we at Cat Country 107.3 test our Emergency Alert System equipment weekly, and the State of New Jersey runs a test every month, the overall system has never been tested on a national level. That is about to change. On Wednesday, November 9th, at 2:00 PM, the first-ever national Emergency Alert System test will be conducted across all radio and television stations, and cable and satellite systems in the country. The Federal Emergency Management Agency says, "this test is an important exercise in ensuring that the system is effective in communicating critical information to the public in the event of a real national emergency."

Remember, next Wednesday at 2PM, it is "only a test."

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