Move over, Hollywood! New Jersey's about to be the new Los Angeles!

News broke this week that the folks over at Netflix are looking to put a studio smack dab in the middle of New Jersey. Can you imagine in just a few years people flocking to Jersey to see how movies and television are made just like they do California right now? That's a wild thought, right?

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Multiple sources have reported that Netflix is currently in the middle of bidding a whopping $50 million on an old military base in Monmouth County. Their goal is turn it into a state-of-the-art studio where they'll film a bunch of their movies and series. How cool!

Now, it's not a done deal yet, but if the deal DOES go through, just imagine what that will do for the state. A spokesperson from Netflix even said that the company is aware of how many people within the entertainment industry call New Jersey home. If you weren't already aware, back in 2018, there was a tax credit program started that actually incentivize film and television production within the state. So, smart move on Netflix's part for scoping it out.

Bids are being accepted through January, so there is still a significant amount of time for other offers to be submitted. Hopefully, though, the developers overseeing the site at the present will realize how greatly the state would be impacted by Netflix's plan and choose accept their offer over any of the others submitted from here on out.

Only time will tell, though. Fingers crossed!

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