This is part 3 of our series all about the original Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City which opened in 1980 at Boston, Pacific, and the Beach in Atlantic City.

In our first two parts, we featured first time ever published photos of the exterior and interior of the Golden Nugget, during all phases of construction. These were never-before-seen photos until we published them. They are from 1979-1980.

FYI. At the end of this article, you will be able to view 21 photos, never-before-seen of the original blueprints of Charlie’s Steakhouse. Immediately after that, just keep scrolling down and you can see our Parts 1 & 2, featuring exclusive, never before seen photos of the exterior and interior photos of the original Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino Atlantic City.

Golden Nugget Hotel Casino Atlantic City architect/designer, the legendary Paul Steelman provided them to me to exclusively publish here at

Today, in another exclusive, we are publishing never-before-seen original blueprints of the iconic reimagination of Charlie’s Steakhouse.

Charlie’s Steakhouse was built in 1982 on the second floor of the original Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino Atlantic City.

Charlie’s Steakhouse was designed by Joel Bergman and Paul Steelman. Golden Nugget owner Steve Wynn gave them $3.5 million dollars to work with an unprecedented amount of money at this time (1982).

The genesis of this idea was in honor of Charlie Meyerson. Charlie was the most successful Casino Host in Atlantic City during the 1980s. Meyerson had a long friendship and professional relationship with Wynn in Las Vegas. The implementation of Charlie’s Restaurant was directly associated with Meyerson newly receiving his casino license to work in the Atlantic City casino jurisdiction.

Meyerson’s licensure took a little extra time to achieve. Upon receipt, there was a fabulous high-roller special event called “Welcome Home Charlie.” It was one of the biggest special event extravaganzas in Golden Nugget Atlantic City history. Or, in all of Atlantic City for that matter.

Every big casino player wanted to be there.

I had the opportunity to get to know Charlie and his able sidekick, Irv Benjamin very well. The service and overall attention that they showed to their clients was literally on a 24/7 basis. They worked from the spa, outdoor pool deck, beach, they worked from anywhere and literally everywhere on the property. I spent many hours with them. They never stopped working and they developed fierce loyalty from their clientele.

No expense was spared in developing Charlie’s Restaurant. It was very well received by all who dined there.

Directly below, are 21 original Joel Bergman and Paul Steelman blueprints. You will be able to see the incredible attention to detail and the various opulent Victorian-themed motif that they brilliantly captured in designing the very upscale Charlie’s Steakhouse.

Here is our exclusive gallery of never-before-seen blue prints from 40 years ago:

Original Atlantic City Golden Nugget Blueprints - Charlie's Steakhouse - 1982

In 1982, part of welcoming back the legendary Casino Host Charlie Meyerson, Steve Wynn, Joel Bergman, and Paul Steelman reimagined this space and created the best and most opulent steakhouse in Atlantic City. Paul Steelman has exclusively provided us with 21 of the actual original blueprints. No expense was spared and a substantial 7-figure investment was spent on this project. These images have never been seen before now.

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