Al DiBartolo of DiBartolo Bakery in Collingswood, New Jersey recently won 'Halloween Wars' on Food Network!

And he and his team won big!  The Sugar Psycho's (as they were called) won every single challenge during 'Halloween Wars' on Food Network.  A first for the series!

The team won a combined $50,000 prize.

According to, the Collingswood bakery has been in DiBartolo's family for a long time,

DiBartolo, the third generation in his family to work at the bakery, was first approached about being on TV in 2013 when the Cooking Channel wanted to feature the bakery. The next year, he was a finalist on the TLC reality show "Next Great Baker."
He has a big personality — "I'm a lot of Jersey" — and said he thinks producers like that on their competition shows.
When his grandfather and father started the bakery almost 50 years ago, they never dreamed the shop's name would be on television in connection with a whacky, artistic cake decorating reality show, DiBartolo said.

A lot of Jersey!  You have to love that!

Congratulations!  Next time I travel that way, I'm stopping at DiBartolo Bakery!


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