It's easy to make jokes about how expensive it is for the average person to make a decent living in the Garden State.

Survey after survey shows that if you call yourself a New Jersey resident, chances are you're making a pretty decent paycheck compared to the rest of the country. It's a running joke, though, amongst residents of the Garden State how funny it is that our paychecks may say one thing, but what we all can afford within New Jersey's boundaries is another matter entirely.

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There has been yet another survey published that proves why some people within the Garden State may be having a difficult time finding employment right now. Apparently, New Jersey has one of the lowest job resignation rates in the entire country. So, what does that mean for those currently job hunting?

Well, in short, it means people aren't leaving the jobs they have, so desirable positions may not be readily available to those looking for substantial careers.

This is interesting news considering America is currently undergoing what some are referring to as the "Great Resignation." Basically, people are leaving their jobs in droves to find one that would be considered a remote position. Apparently, that's happening everywhere besides New Jersey.

People are pretty comfortable in their current positions and have been for at least a year now. New Jersey's resignation rate has been less than 3% for over twelve months now, with the most recent month's resignation rate at only 1.7%.

So, if you've been struggling to find a job within the Garden State, maybe this new information will serve as some sort of an explanation.


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