It's an honest question.

If New Jersey businesses, particularly small businesses, are providing incentive after incentive in an effort to entice people into coming back to work, could the unemployment boost from the government be why? According to the United States' Chamber of Commerce, that's exactly what it is.

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In a statement released last week, the Chamber's Executive Vice President said that the extra $300 provided by the government to those out of work during the pandemic has resulted in a quarter of all those still without employment bringing home more money than they did while working. Personally, I feel like there are two things that need to be said about that.

1.) There should be no reason that people are bringing home more money on unemployment than from their actual 9-5. This highlights a serious problem that could mean companies are not paying their employees enough to live off of.

2.) If people that are working in jobs that aren't meant to be careers, like a part-time job at an ice cream stand, then there's probably no reason for them to be supplemented that extra money from the bailout because they're not (necessarily) working to survive. For example, an 18-year-old going to college that still has a lot of help from mom and dad, but wants to earn their own money on the side....

Multiple businesses here in South Jersey, including Wawa even, are offering things like tuition assistance and free food while on the job in an attempt to get people back to work. Think about it, though. If you were making more on unemployment than you were at your actual job, would choose to go back to work?



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