Is this seriously what the dating world has come to? Forget the dating apps (sort of), Snapchat has released it's first video series that has gone from a mobile format to TV-- and it's called Phone Swap:

In this game, two strangers meet up for, what they think is, a blind date--when they're then told to "trade phones" to see what they can discover about one another, before deciding whether they want to pursue an actual first date. In each half-hour episode, the audience engages in complete anxiety and awkwardness as they become witness to a total invasion of privacy.

The program is in its second season and will air throughout the summer, with episodes airing twice a week on Snapchat Discover. And incase you're thinking that this is the dumbest idea ever...Phone Swap’s first season attracted an average of 10 million viewers per episode and has initiated over thousands of blind dates.

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