So many dances have gone viral over the last five years, it's surprising we can even keep up! In case you need a little refresher, we've broken down the most popular dances from social media over the last few years.

By the way.... there's now another one. Let's jump right in.


First, there was the "Shmoney dance".

Vaughngotit via Youtube

Then there was "the Dab".

Behind the Meme via Youtube

Next, there was the "Whip/Nae Nae"

Brandon BamTheDancer Morales via Youtube

Of course, now everyone's been "flossing" for a while now ever since the world met 'Backpack Kid' on Saturday Night Live.

Inside Edition via Youtube

The new soon-to-be viral dance is here.... maybe? Check out the "Triangle Dance".

Justin Cahill via Youtube

Can we talk about the "Triangle Dance" for a second? This one's been around for years! To be honest, it's probably one most kids learn by the time they're six, but with all these new dances going viral on social media and Youtube Kids, traditional (?) ones like this have gotten lost in the shuffle.

Good to see it's making a comeback lol!

Source: Giphy, Youtube