We've got another missing doggo that we have to bring to your attention today; we have to make sure this little guy finds his way home.

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A woman by the name of Krystal Smith reached out to us in desperation asking for the public's help in finding her pup named Clyde. Krystal revealed that he's been missing since July 15th and hasn't been spotted since. He disappeared from Salem Avenue around 11-11:30 a.m on Thursday wearing a green collar that displayed a forest scene along with a Seresto Flea and Tick collar. If that isn't enough information for you to recognize him, Krystal says that Clyde is a Lab and Pitbull mix who was also wearing a bow tie at the time he went missing.

Photo provided by Krystal Smith

Please take note of the dog's colors if you believe you may have seen Clyde over the last few days. Krystal told us that he's predominantly black with a white chest and some brindle on his face and legs. Krystal adopted Clyde with along with his dog brother from the shelter, so he's fixed as well as microchipped.

Photo provided by Krystal Smith

A word of caution: Clyde isn't the biggest fan of men, so it's probably best if you reach out to the Franklinville and Vineland police departments if you believe you've spotted him. Both departments are aware that he's missing. You can also reach out to Krystal at 609-501-9238.

Photo provided by Krystal Smith

Yes, there is a reward being offered, however it's not specified in the poster provided to us. The more people that spread the word, the better chances we have of bringing Clyde home safe and sound.

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